Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Pure Genius Preview Mini Review

Purse Genius airs on CBS and begun a few weeks ago, I have yet to catch up on all episodes. It is about a guy who creates a clinic which is different from any other clinic or hospital.

Their unique selling point is extreme luxury environment. It is a really cool facility with this jellyfish video on massive screens:

Besides it being a very cool facility, their real selling point is that they only use cutting edge techniques. This is led by a young guy who is more of a businessman than a doctor. He achieves some amazing results for patients with terminal diseases, but it also gets him in a stick situation or two as well.

He makes promises to people and this sometimes means false hope. This counts as a guys or females TV show. My wife has watched the whole lot as she got addicted. I will follow too because it is obviously really good.

Once work calms down I will have a nice Pure Genius marathon session one weekend. Don't you love it when you can watch a whole series at once and really binge watch?