Sunday, May 3, 2015

Cool Way To Watch Less TV- Relaxing Background Videos

I began this blog because I watch a lot of TV.  I made a brother blog for the best comedy shows too. However I sometimes feel that too much TV is bad, especially for the eyes and sleep quality. As someone who works online and enjoys games and Facebook on my iPad, starting at a screen all day is surely a bad thing.

Therefore I have been looking for ways to avoid staring at my TV, laptop and iPad so much (I even take my phone in the bathroom with me). Firstly I tried reading books. Unfortunately I just don't have the attention span for this. Instead I have reverted to audiobooks, I have yet to find the perfect way to get audiobooks after trying Youtube and Audible (not impressed with the subscription plan).

Audiobooks are all well and good when driving or going to sleep. Listening to Noam Chomsky, Sam Harris and Joanna Lumley are all awesome for helping you sleep instead of staring at a screen. But in the daytime I have found that my eyes need something to do. So after a bit of a search I found Uscenes relaxing background videos.

These relaxation videos come in 3 formats- as an mp4 video, Mac screensaver and Windows screensaver. I generally use the Mac screensaver most with the sound on low or off. The natural sounds are really relaxing and the sight of a fireplace, aquarium or scene from nature is really calming.

The good thing is that the camera never moves, unlike similar videos and there is no music. It is a simple as can be. This means you are not tempted to stare at the screen. You just let the sound and video create a nice vibe in your room. On a big screen TV the results are much more impressive, although you need to have the right setup (e.g. I use my Apple TV and iTunes). I generally save the TV version for when I have guests over or want to have some quality time with my wife.

The prices are fair in my opinion at $4.99 for all 3 formats of a scene, or $49.99 for their full collection of around 60 videos (as of May 3rd 2015). Check out a new one that I really like below. It sets such a nice vibe in my room, especially when the weather is so dull in the UK at the moment. I used their fireplaces more in winter as they seem to make a room cosy, especially on my big screen TV.

They also provide screenshots of all their videos as HD wallpapers on a separate site. I use a random wallpaper generating app from someone else on my laptop but have been using these wallpapers on my iPad.

Anyway check out the samples clip below which is my favourite video screensavers- a recent paradise beach one which I can't stop watching and hearing in the background when listening to an audiobook or just chatting. As mentioned they also do fish tanks and fireplaces.

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