Thursday, September 13, 2012

Breaking Bad review

Breaking Bad review
Breaking Bad is easily the best mens TV show on at the moment. We follow chemistry teacher Walt as he gets cancer and falls into a life of crime. His expertise in chemistry means that he is quickly able to learn how to make crystal meth (an illegal drug). His meticulous work ethic and attention to detail means that he makes it with a greater purity than anyone else.  He teams up with an ex student (Jesse) who is a school drop out and small time drug dealer. We follow their story with lots of ups and downs, twists and turns.

Breaking Bad quickly gained a cult following although it did take a while for the masses to catch on. This is partly due the fact that it is created by AMC rather than HBO. Nowadays it is extremely popular for men around the world. The reason is because the characters and story lines are utterly compelling. There are some fun criminal characters which come and go. Walt's family help to keep the show's feet firmly on the ground.

All of the main characters have internal conflicts and more than one side to their personality. This gives the series a greater depth than we are used to. At times it can feel like there is too much emphasis on family dynamics rather than criminal action. However we are rewarded later when the plot develops, as we then have a greater understanding of decisions and actions. The show feels like it has a precision to the filmmaking. It feels intelligent and complex, whilst always delivering exciting events.

If you haven't seen this series then I highly recommend you watch the whole lot as soon as possible. It is a rewarding experience, unlike many shows for men which are all plot and action. Part 1 of season 5 has just finished. The final part of season 5 will be aired next summer and it may be the finale. This rather short run this summer has easily been the best mens TV show of 2012.

Mr rating 5 stars out of 5.

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